How do roller skate sizes work?

Roller skate sizing can be a bit tricky. Unlike typical shoe sizing, roller skate sizing varies not only from brand to brand but also between different skate models. Most skates are produced in Men’s sizing, even those that look like Ladies’ skates. On our website, we list both the Men’s and Ladies’ equivalent sizes in parentheses. Typically, Men’s sizes run one size larger for women, so a Men’s 8 would be equivalent to a Ladies’ 9. You can simply order based on your everyday shoe size, thanks to our dual listing.

Half Sizes

Most skates are available only in whole sizes. When it comes to roller skate sizes versus shoe sizes, if your everyday shoe size is a half-size, we usually recommend sizing UP rather than DOWN (unless otherwise specified in the listing). For example, if you wear a Ladies’ 6.5, we recommend ordering a Men's 6 (Ladies 7). This way, if your skate is slightly large, you can add a contour insole or wear thicker socks to fill any extra space. A skate that is too small will be uncomfortable, and the only solution is to return it. Some exceptions exist, such as Sure-Grip boots, which tend to run wide. Always check the product details before ordering.

Sizing by Brand


Riedell’s high-top skates come in black (Men’s sizing) and white (Ladies’ sizing) boot options. If you wear Men’s shoes and prefer the white boot, order one size larger than your usual size. For instance, a Men’s 9 should order a white boot in size 10. Conversely, if you wear Ladies’ shoes and want the black boot, order one size smaller. For example, a Ladies 7 should order a size 6.

Riedell boots come in Standard, D-width (Medium), and E-width (Wide). Models 220 and 297 are available in Medium width, while E-width is special-order and can take 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Sure-Grip skates are made in Men’s sizing, even for skates available in both black and white boots (like Malibu or Fame). We list the Ladies’ size equivalent in parentheses. Sure-Grip skates typically run large, so if you are a half-size, size DOWN rather than UP.


All Moxi skates are made in Unisex sizing, but differences exist between models due to materials and production locations (domestic vs. imported). Imported vinyl and suede boots (Beach Bunny, Jungle, and Panther) run snug compared to domestically produced suede boots (Lolly, Jack). For half-sizes, size DOWN in Beach Bunny, Jungle, and Panther, and UP in Lolly and Jack. Vinyl boots take longer to break in, so initial snugness is okay as long as they’re not uncomfortably tight.

Final Tips

Always read the product details! Generally, order your normal shoe size unless specified otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact us. We're here to help!

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